Update: This calculator has been made compatible with more games. The dropdown box will auto fill most of the form.

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  • Keep in mind that in order to host the maximum amount, it requires the most ideal conditions. Your speeds can greatly fluctuate over time.
  • People with high pings (150-200) don't seem to cause lag, but still do glitch sometimes when they spike beyond 250ms.
  • Know the difference between units. You will often see bandwidth and transfer speed quoted in two different units: kilobits per second, abbreviated kbps or Kb/s, and kilobytes per second, abbreviated KB/s. The difference between the two units is the number of bits in a byte, which is 8. The small 'b' stands for bits, and the big 'B' stands for bytes. Transfer speeds are often shown in kB/s, and connect speeds are usually quoted in kbps.