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I am excited that one of my pictures has been published. My brother works at a print shop and submitted several photos for his company's calendar. We both got pictures in, May and August.

I don't have a copy of either exact picture available at the moment, but I did find one from the gallery that is similar to one picture in the calendar.

Old Man Fishing, Rice Lake, WI, Dustin Westaby
Hay Bales, West Salem, WI, Dale Westaby

Gaming Generations

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A used game shop in La Crosse has really shined lately (the place is always packed when I head in there on Saturdays). Within the last year they have brought several arcade machines into the store, but only with the last week with the release of Street Fighter IV did they bring out something really special.

A custom mame arcade machine that is so beautiful; 4 player, custom art, 40+ tv. On top of that, they also have custom made 360 arcade sticks for playing Street Fighter IV on their HD tvs. These are not the poorly made madcats arcade sticks. Did I mention they are holding fighter tournaments?

Pictures in the comments.

HTPC Project

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A writeup of choosing parts for my black box media computer. Based on my htpc project from last year.

Xbconnect Wireless Guide Updated

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Major overhaul to the layout and format of this page to bring it up to date with the rest of the website. No new content, sorry.

Hosting Calculator Updated

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Updated the calculator to be compatible with more games.
TBD if more games will be added by default besides Halo 2 for the xbox.

Use a PC Headset With Any 2.5mm Headset Jack

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Create an adapter that will connect two stereo 3.5mm phone connectors (one for speakers, one for a microphone) to a single 2.5mm connector.

Piano Star

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Woke up today with a great idea for a piano learning application. A program that would display songs in a format that is familiar to me, guitar hero. My plan was to make a scrolling music application written in C++ that would take xls files as input and display note names on each bar. I am not much with OpenGL/DirectX programming, so I would need help. It then dawned on me to search sourceforge for a similar application already in development and offer my help. I found one, Synthesia.

Synthesia completely blows me away. Does everything I wanted and takes a huge step forward by using MIDI files, making it compatable with thousands of free songs. It even connects to your USB or MIDI keyboard for input and "scoring". It also has a practive mode that will pause the scrolling waiting for you to hit the correct notes.

I am saddened that the project is currently closed source. The only help accepted is from a user's perspective; bug reports, feature requests, etc...

Pedometer Enthusiast

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New widget added to the main page for tracking my personal exercise activity (below the right side menu bar). Hosted by Walker Tracker, one glance shows the last 14 days.

This new plan was inspired by an old article. I am keeping a step goal and increasing it by 2000 each month, but the simple act of tracking how active you are makes you self aware of when you need to be more active.

"It takes about six months to "lock in" a new behavior."

I am using a freebee pedometer that came with a brita water filter. I am about three months in and promised myself a new pedometer if I make it to six. Should prove interesting going into the coming winter months.

Halloween Construction

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With halloween 2 months away I figure it is time to start working on a costume. My brother asked me to help with his Ghostbuster costume and also gave me permission to copy him so we can go together. Check out our current progress in the Costumes & Props section of the forum.

Update: November 3, 2008: Project complete, costume contest won, details and pictures available.

Forum Online

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Forum has been offline since February, but recently I was able to fix the database error on the old host and get the backups restored on the new host. Took the chance to update to the latest 3.0 phpBB too.

Project: Arcade Renovation

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I started building this cabinet years ago, but only got as far as making it functional. To me it was never complete, until now.

New Site Design

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Finally made the move to CSS with a template from styleshout. Enjoy.