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Voiced Approved Servers
Here at XBConnect we have what is called a Voiced Approved Server. Approved servers are for those special XBConnect users who have high upload and are able to host large lag free games.

What does having a VOP do for me?
Having a VOP gives you auto voice in Game1, putting you at the top of the chat list. It also puts a lightning bolt next to your server name letting other members know that you have a tested good connection on XBC, that is virtually lag free. This will get more people to join your server.
NOTE: You must have a score of 500 or above upload speed in order to be considered for an Approved server.

How do I become an Approved server?
To become a VOP server, you must first go to www.testmy.net, then go to Upload test (Look at the top), and then take a SMART test. Once you have taken the test, send the "Validation Link" found at the bottom of the page to an operator. If you are unsure who an operator is, check the XBConnect Staff page.

If the results are good enough (a score of over 500), an operator will add you to the pending list.
When an operator next has a free moment he will PM you and test your server for lag.

What does it mean to be pending?
What this means is that within a week, an operator will PM you asking for you to host a server. When this happens, drop whatever you're doing and open up a server.... operators are generally busy and can only test servers once in a while.

What is lag testing (a.k.a play testing) and how do I get lag tested?
Lag testing involves an operator joining and playing on you host. An operator will PM you when he is available to test your server. You will wait for a total of at least 3 other boxes and 7 other players (they do not have to be people, just controllers), and once the game has started, the operator will watch carefully for lag. After the game has been played, please wait for the operator to make his decision. If he accepts, then your server has been approved.

Please do NOT beg the Operators to test your server, as they may be busy. If an operator denies your server, then please do not harass the operators, or beg him to test it again. This will most likely get your chances for a second chance denied.

Suggestions and Notes for lag testing
-If you are having problems getting the required amount of people in your room, try advertising in game 1.
-Please do NOT advertise about ANYTHING related to an approved server. You may still advertise about the game your playing.
- You will have to restart XBConnect for the changes to be made if the operator has accepted your server AND added you to the Approved Servers list.

What games can I play to test my host?
Currently we test lag for a pending approved server with two games: Halo 1 and Halo 2

The Halo 1 lag test
- A Maximum of 6 players and 4 Xboxes are needed in your room at the time of testing for the server to be accepted.
- ANY type of game can be played: Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill, etc.
- If the server seems to have lag, the server will be denied.
Note: Bullet lag will most likely occur, and is not a serious problem. Therefore, bullet lag is acceptable for Halo 1. Although, too much lag will not be accepted.

The Halo 2 lag test
- You need a min of 10 people in the room at th testing for the server to be accepted.
- You MUST host 3 different types of games. Below is a list of the game variants that will be used. These game types can be played on any map.
- If 2 out of the 3 games have connection problems and/or has lag. The server is denied.

  1. Type: Snipers - Number of Kills: 15 - Mode: FFA
  2. Type: Swords - Number of Kills: 15 - Mode: FFA
  3. Type: Rockets - Number of Kills: 15 - Mode: FFA

Note: A little lag is not a problem, and will be accepted.

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