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Connecting Via IRC

One of the many nice features about XBConnect is that it uses an IRC channel for user chatting. Because of this, you can use an IRC client to connect to the IRC network and #XBConnect, or create your own IRC channel.

How To Set It Up
You will need an IRC client to connect to XBConnect's IRC channel. Here are some popular IRC clients you may choose to use.
mIRC: mIRC is probably the most popular IRC client around. mIRC works on ALL versions of MS Windows
XChat: Originally for Linux, XChat is quickly gaining in popularity.

Once you have your IRC client downloaded, installed, configured, simply copy and paste in these two commands
/server irc.dynastynet.net
/join #xbconnect.

Other Tips:
Stop XBConnect from Auto joining
1. Once your logged onto XBConnect go to Tools-> Options-> General Options-> Uncheck Connect To Global Chat Server on Startup.
2. Now Click Disconnect from Chat on bottom right on XBConnect.
Now every time you start XBConnect you wont auto connect to the chat.

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