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 Chat Rules
1. There will be no flooding in the channel(s). This includes text,DCC,CTCP,notice, or any other type of flooding. Keep in mind you should use our software to connect to chat. Any non XBC Clients using other software to connect to chat may possibly be banned without warning.

2. No excessive repeating or flooding of a game. Post your notice and wait about 30 lines. Please set the master game server in XBConnect with your room unlocked so others will see your game on the list.

3. No Advertising of Non XBox related material. This includes but is not limited too, Mod chips, pornography, Outwar, Warez, and FTP clients. Advertising clan sites is permitted but not to be excessively repeated. Once every 30-45 minutes is permitted.

4. No racial remarks or excessive language in the channel, freedom is good. Have the respect for ones culture and rights. Keep in mind this is a private service, and you are asked to follow the rules as a member. This includes nicks with cuss words or masking cuss words. This includes discussion about illegal drugs and substance abuse. Even though we have a filter, use respectable language, do not mask cuss words to evade the filters, if you can't speak with respect, don't speak at all.

5. No consistent nick changes or excessive nick lengths. Nicknames can be original but there is no need for a nick to have useless characters to get the user noticed. Do not change your nicks to one similar to an XBConnect operator. You should not impersonate an XBC Operator for any reason. Impersonation of a XBC Operator can get you banned without notice.

6. No attempts at channel takeovers. You will be banned on the first attempt. A report will be filed with your ISP.

7. No harassing of channel operators. They are there for a reason. They will give you respect if you give it to them. Channel operators can be rather busy at times, so please do not get upset if they cannot answer your questions right away. In the mean time read the FAQ page and the help file to gain more knowledge of your problem.

8. Do not ask for ops. This includes asking for sponsors. Operators are picked by their behavior and are trained in a program. Email Splitboxer with an application if you are a mature responsible person who can be fair to all users, has XBC troubleshooting knowledge and basic networking experience.

9. Channel Operators will make all final decisions when it comes to a dispute between members. Asking another Operator to remove a Ban or alter another operators decision will not be tolerated.

10. Rules can be changed/revised at any time. These rules are not limited to other infractions that Channel Operators may feel are in violation of your XBConnect agreement. Questions or concerns about rules can be brought up with any XBC Team member. Please visit the "About Us" page for contact information.

Consequences & Explanations

Flooding is considered sending 3 lines within 2 seconds.
  • First Offense = Kick

Repeating is considered sending the same text to the chat 3 times withing 45 seconds.
  • First offense = Kick

CAPS Lock Abuse is considered text that is 13+ letters and 65% of them are captial case.
  • First Offense = Warning
  • Second Offense = Kick

Long Text Abuse is considered sending text to the chat that is over 200 characters.
  • First Offense = Kick

Punctuation Abuse is considered sending text to the chat that contains over 50 ?'s or !'s.
  • First Offense = Kick

Swearing Abuse is considered sending text to the chat that contains harsh language.
  • First Offense = Kick

Action Text Abuse is considered using the "/me" command 3 times within 45 seconds.
  • First Offense = Kick

Seen Command Abuse is considered using the "!seen" command 3 times within 1 minute.
  • First Offense = Kick

3 Kicks within 20 minutes = 15 Minute Ban

 XBC OP Code Of Conduct
The following is a guideline for the conduct expected by all operators of XBConnect.

The XBConnect staff reserves the right to remove an operator from service if it is determined that he/she is in violation of the Code of Conduct.

1. Professionalism – An operator will be courteous to the users and remain professional at all times.

2. Respect - All XBConnect Operators shall have respect for the users as well as other operators. There will be no conflicts within the 'ranks'. If there is conflict, it will be cleared up quickly. If no agreement can be made by the parties then another officer will mediate until an agreement can be made.

3. Maturity – An operator will display a level of maturity equal to that of an adult no matter what his/her age is.

4. Honesty – An operator must be truthful and honest, always safeguarding the security measures in place that protects XBConnect from illegal use.

5. Knowledge – An operator must have a full understanding of all types of approved setups that work with XBC. Must understand common router setup and know fixes to the most common problems found with user setup. Also the operator needs to be well verse in IRC.

6. Dedication – An operator’s sole motivation should always be to make the service look good.

All ops are required to place a minimum of 4-7 hours per week, or a total of 20 hours per month.
Failure to do so will result in loss or demotion of status.

NOTE: Abuse of power will not be tolerated at any time and will result in loss of your Operator status.

Being an operator at XBConnect is a times a difficult job. It is not about the power it brings. It’s about providing a service to its users and making that service look good. XBConnect has a responsibility to its users and we are its customer service for it. Good customer support means a good service.

Additions to the Code of Conducted can be added at any time.

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