Mini NESPi DIY Guide

Welcome! On this website you will find steps how to build your own 3D printed Mini NES with a Raspberry Pi emulator and functioning cartridge slot.

What makes this build unique is the NFC reader, which allows you to duplicate the look AND feel of the retro NES. The cartridge slot is functioning. Insert a game, click it down, and press the power to play that game!

This build will be focused on making a 3D printed Mini NES case and Mini Cartridges, setting up a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie, and wiring the NFC reader. The end goal being your very own Mini NES that is more capable than the one commercially available.

This guide is a derivative based on the original work by DaftMike. Adding more explainations, some assembly improvements, and stability fixes. None of this would be possible without DaftMike's efforts. You can read more about DaftMike's Mini NES here.

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The build instructions are divided into the following guides. If you have any questions, please post them to the Facebook Mini NES Builders Group.