• Ammo Counter Mk3 – Collaboration with AmmoCounter.com

    I have partnered with Nathaniel of AmmoCounter.com to develop the ultimate ammo counter solution.  The circuit is a derivative of my MK3 design.  I am calling it MK3 SMD.  The new circuit is exactly as tiny as my MK3, but has modifications to allow the outsourcing of manufacturing.    In addition, with Nathan’s feedback I was able to put the finishing touches on some never before seen software features.  This is so awesome! Here is an official announcement from AmmoCounter.com  Nathan will be selling the MK3 SMD with my firmware, along with some fantastic accessories this year.  Check it out ~!

  • Mark 3 Ammo Counter

    Nerf, Paintball, Prop Weapons. This is the ammo counter you want~! The Ammo Counter MK3 is a remix of my previous ammo counter design and is now completely reprogrammable by you with no additional tools! There are 10 clip slots in memory, you can easily switch magazine sizes with a single button press. In addition, each clip slot can be reprogrammed by you for any starting value up to 99. Each slot will remember your selected fire mode, semi-auto, full-auto, and count up.Video tutorial: Coming Soon!Features:* Smallest Ammo Counter Circuit!* Selectable Clip Sizes* Programmable Clip Sizes (Default: 35, 25, 22, 18, 15, 12, 10, 6, 32, 99)* Programmable Fire Types…