• [theory] How does a boost converter behave when it receives input voltage above the target output voltage?

    What is the boost converter doing when it receives input voltage above the target output voltage? I have a homemade TV remote that I designed with a NCP1402 boost converter so I could power with a single AA and have a 3.3V board voltage. Worked fine in testing, but I wanted more range. So I swapped out the standard 1.5 volt alkaline AA for a 3.7 volt 14500 Li-Ion. The board components can handle the extra voltage. Not worried there. I was curious what the boost converter thinks about the situation. Example schematic: Datasheet: https://www.onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/NCP1402-D.PDF My observations and theory: When I input 3.7 volts and probe the boost converter’s normally…

  • Mini NES Build w/ Functioning Cartridge Loader

    This is a summary post about my Mini NES build.  This project is a derivative of the original efforts of DaftMike.  I used his 3D print files and basic source code, then reverse engineered the circuit from his Electronics Kit that allows the Raspberry Pi to talk to a NFC reader and an Arduino to control power.  Improving on the design with added features such as Fan Control and NFC Writing.  While also fixing bugs including lost Controller Configuration, Bad Power, and allowing  Out of Order Assembly. If you are interested in making one of these, you can checkout my build instructions here: Complete Guide: How to make a Mini NES~!