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Rockband Stage & Light Kit Mod

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Sorry, I do not have full writeup for this project. Here is a photostream of the mod.

Rock Band Mod on Flickr

Pretty much what I did was take an off the shelf strobe light and swap it for the one built into the fog machine. Re-wired a ps/2 keyboard cable connecting it to the liberated rock band strobe light. Now I can use the strobe light with the game without dragging out the fog machine.

Also added override switches on the fog machine so I could activate both the strobe and fog machine outside the game.


Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I am excited that one of my pictures has been published. My brother works at a print shop and submitted several photos for his company’s calendar. We both got a picture in, May and August.
I don’t have a copy of either exact picture available at the moment, but I did find one from the gallery that is similar to one picture in the calendar.

Old Man Fishing, Rice Lake, WI, Dustin Westaby
Hay Bales, West Salem, WI, Dale Westaby

Old Man Fishing, Rice Lake, WI, Dustin Westaby