• Changing Win 10 Application Icons

    In all previous revisions of windows, you could simply right click on any shortcut and change the icon as you please. Windows 10 still allows you to do this, but applications installed from the Windows Store are missing this ability. Unlike normal shortcuts, windows 10 applications do not have the option to change icons. Right click one and all you can do is visit App Settings or Rate and Review. You will not find Shortcut Properties and no way to Change Icon. You are the mercy of the developer to set the app icon (the worst feature on smartphones). If you drag a win10 store app, such as Calculator, to…

  • SlyBadger

    SlyBadger monitors a user specified registry key. The user will specify the normal and trigger values for the key. If desired the trigger box may be left blank and the “any change from norm will trigger” checkbox may be checked.When SlyBadger detects that the registry key holds a trigger value SlyBadger will run any application you choose.   For example SlyBadger may be used to trigger off of a USB key. When any device is inserted into your pc, dozens of keys are created, accessed, and altered to prepare your system to use that device. Set the trigger on one of those keys that are altered or created and you…

  • Hosting Calculator

    This is a small java script calculator I wrote to help online users determine their upload and how many players they can accommodate. http://www.westaby.net/hosting.html

  • ComicViewer

    This was a joint project between David Boggus and myself. This unique software program allows you to easily manage, view, and download comic strips. Sorry, no download.