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Prusa MK3S ~ Stop Button

Monday, April 6th, 2020

This was a one day build. I leave my printer running unattended and I know that others in my home would have trouble finding the reset button or off switch if/when something went wrong. Solution, add a big friendly stop button.

Remixed control panel

I have built several arcade machines over the years, so I had plenty of control panel buttons. This is a 46mm 12V red button. I pulled apart the switch and swapped the built in resistor to be 100 ohms, so I could run from 5V.

Prusa’s 3D printers are open source. Even better, they design their 3D printed parts using openscad. My favorite 3D CAD program.

I grabbed the LCD-cover-ORIGINAL-MK3.scad file and modified so the length of the face was a parameter. Then added the button hole and swapped the text. You can download my file here: LCD-cover-MK3_ArcadeReset.scad

The button’s LED is wired into the LCD pins labeled VDD (5V) and VSS (GND). The button’s switch is wired to replace the existing X Reset button.

The reset wiring goes from the LCD PCB to the EINSY controller to the Reset pin of the Atmega2560 chip. This pin could be reprogrammed to do something other than hard reset the chip. However, that would make future firmware updates tricky. So I left the firmware alone.

Wyze Camera – Mini Butterbot – Rick & Morty

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

New baby at home so I am getting some use out of an old IP camera I placed in the nursery. My wife and I enjoyed it so much, I looked into adding a second. What I found was so cute, I 3D printed some arms and gave some wire touches.

The IP camera I was using was a Foscam FI8910W with a resolution of 640*480px, full pan/tilt, and 3rd party app compatibility. Old enough that it has no cloud features and if you want to access remotly, you better know how to add exceptions to your firewall.

Simply typing ip camera into amazon, the first non-sponsored result turned out to be a $25 marvel. The Wyze Cam. Full 1080HD, offline recording, Alexa. Perfect. Testing it out, the quality was fantastic. Remote access needed zero setup. Alexa setup just needed some basic steps to add the skill and link my account.

The base is magnetic with a pop out stand. Even though I recently watched Wall-E, instead this cube shape camera reminded me of the Butter Bot from Rick and Morty.

I made a trip to thingiverse to 3D print the appropriate arms. I drilled holes in the sides of the camera to attached the arms with a machine screw and washers. Thus, making the arms posable!

Project time: 15 minutes.

Mini NES Build w/ Functioning Cartridge Loader

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Mini NES Build

This is a summary post about my Mini NES build.  This project is a derivative of the original efforts of DaftMike.  I used his 3D print files and basic source code, then reverse engineered the circuit from his Electronics Kit that allows the Raspberry Pi to talk to a NFC reader and an Arduino to control power.  Improving on the design with added features such as Fan Control and NFC Writing.  While also fixing bugs including lost Controller Configuration, Bad Power, and allowing  Out of Order Assembly.

If you are interested in making one of these, you can checkout my build instructions here:

Complete Guide: How to make a Mini NES~!