• Solder Fume Extractor

    Back in 2018 when my kid was born, I got serious about air purifiers and fume extractors in my workshop. I designed my fume extractor using spare parts and a cheap mini filter meant for a smokeless ashtray. It is finally time for an update. Here is my 2022 fume extractor!

  • Cortana Data Chip and Display Stand

    I get asked to make more cortana chips from time to time, but the partnership that allowed me sell resin casted props is long over. I have been wanting to redesign as a display piece using a more modern neopixel lighting for the animations.

  • DIY Records for the Fisher Price Music Box Record Player

    I did a lot of research in April 2019 to make my own fisher price record of Baby Shark. Using the research from fred27 and improved upon by Tycho. I created my own method using excel to compose a song and OpenSCAD to generate the record 3d object. Before we get into that, some history. What is the Fisher Price Music Box Record Player? It is a toy record player sold in the 1970s and 1980s that plays plastic records without batteries. The songs are actually encoded on the records and the mechanism is wind up. So if you have a smarty pants kid they could observe the record player…

  • Making a mount for the Wyze Doorbell Camera

    I need a slightly different mount than the default plate included with my smart doorbell. Something to conform to the molding around my door and mate with the doorbell itself. 3D printing will do the job well. To make a 3D print that perfectly mates with something requires specific measurements. Typically, you need the item in hand and you measure with a digital caliper and then gives those dimensions to your CAD drawing. The Wyze Doorbell Camera is a already a great product from a great company, but it doesn’t ship for 3 months. Time to do a little reverse engineering and create a configurable SCAD script. I can create…

  • Portable Solder Iron

    On a whim, I purchased a $20 USB Solder Iron from Aliexpress to play with. After playing with it using an old phone charger, I saw a video on Adam Savage‚Äôs Tested channel and got inspired. Drill Batteries as the power source. What a great idea! I have lots of those and always keep a few charged up and ready for projects. However, finding a drill battery adapter for my Black and Decker 20V set was a challenge. It’s all discontinued. Black and Decker only sell new bluetooth batteries with USB ports built in. No adapters to be found. Searching for a solution, I found forum posts saying that black…