SlyBadger monitors a user specified registry key. The user will specify the normal and trigger values for the key. If desired the trigger box may be left blank and the “any change from norm will trigger” checkbox may be checked.
When SlyBadger detects that the registry key holds a trigger value SlyBadger will run any application you choose.


For example SlyBadger may be used to trigger off of a USB key. When any device is inserted into your pc, dozens of keys are created, accessed, and altered to prepare your system to use that device. Set the trigger on one of those keys that are altered or created and you can start any application on insert with that device.

Great for other programs that cannot be started with windows because the device is not present yet.


  • This program will run an application you specify whenever a registry key which you specify is altered.
  • This program can be set to run in the background (runs from tray) on startup.
  • Ability to delay the start of the specified application by 5 sec to allow the trigger event to fully initialize.

Use another program such as Regmon to monitor all registry activity, once you decide on the key you would like to trigger off of enter it into SlyBadger. Then just copy and paste out of the current key value box for normal and trigger options. When change is found this application will save data entered and terminate after running your application. This prevents multiple loads of your application.