Hosting Fees

I thought it would be interesting to figure out my hosting fees for the last few years. My awesome host is NFSN.

Hit More Info to see the cost table.

2007 was a seven month year.

Year Deposit Fee Registration & Renewal Bandwidth Charge Storage Charge MySQL Charge
2007 $1.00 $7.50 $1.18 $1.02  
2008 $1.30 $15.98 $2.73 $4.68 $1.47
2009 $2.15   $5.26 $15.17 $3.65

Looking at the data, I notice that my storage fees have taken a sharp increase. In two years the physical size has more than tripled to 225MB.

Then if I plot my storage fees divided by my physical size, I find the prices have stayed the same. This is the cost of growing I suppose.