OTA Channel List – Aug 2017

I did a scan tonight and found FIVE new channels I wasn’t aware of. If you have an antenna, do a channel scan on your tv to find the new channels. ION, 24/7 PBS Kids, TBD TV, American Sports Network, and QVC.

Here is an updated list of stations from Madison that we can receive in Platteville~! All primary channels are broadcast in 1080i or 720p HD, with the exception of CW, all subchannels are 480i.

3.1 CBS channel3000.com
3.2 MyN mynetworktv.com
3.3 ION iontelevision.com
15.1 NBC nbc15.com
15.2 CW cwtv.com
15.3 Antenna TV antennatv.tv
15.4 Weather weathernationtv.com
21.1 PBS wpt.org
21.2 Wisconsin wpt.org/wisconsinchannel
21.3 Create createtv.com
21.4 PBS Kids pbskids.org
27.1 ABC wkow.com
27.2 Me-TV metvnetwork.com
27.3 Decades decades.com
40.1 Christian kfxb.net
47.1 FOX fox47.com
47.2 Comet comettv.com
47.3 Charge watchcharge.com
47.4 TBD tbd.com
57.1 Independent wi57.tv
57.2 Movies! moviestvnetwork.com
57.3 H&I handitvnetwork.com
57.4 ASN americansportsnet.com
57.5 QVC qvc.com