Solder Fume Extractor

Back in 2018 when my kid was born, I got serious about air purifiers and fume extractors in my workshop. I designed my fume extractor using spare parts and a cheap mini filter meant for a smokeless ashtray.

It is finally time for an update. Here is my 2022 fume extractor!

My 2018 fume extractor worked well. I also have a large commercial one, but I don’t pull it out often because it takes up a lot of space on my workbench. I liked how small mine was, powered by USB and perfectly sized for the small electronics work I do.

However, I do have some gripes that built up over the years.

  • There was no on/off switch, so I have to unplug the USB after each session.
  • The airflow was not great, only really worked if I had my circuit flush with my fume extractor. ~1cm
  • Lastly, because the circuit board had to be so close to the fume extractor, it also blocked my overhead lights. Slowing me down.

I finally got around to making a new fume extractor. My 2022 fume extractor:

  • Has a larger fan for more airflow
  • Uses the same smokeless filter
  • On / Off switch
  • Lights !!
  • Looks a lot better :D

In testing, the max distance from my iron is now ~2-3 cm. Great improvement !

3D Files: