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Game Cabinet Lighting with Neopixels

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

I put together some ikea cube shelving and wanted a place to keep my game consoles while also displaying them. I started with 3d printing some vertical stands for the PS4 and WiiU along with some controller hangers and riser shelves. I then added puck lights to the surrounding shelves, but wanted special lighting for the game shelves.

Neopixel Ring Puck Lights

Using some spare puck lights, neopixel rings, and a trinket I created some smart puck lighting that responds to which game system is powered. Power up the PS4 and the shelves are bathed in blue light. Power up the WiiU and the shelves turn cyan. Power both, and get both blue and cyan.

The trinket input pins are wired to multiple USB cables to monitor if the game console is on or off. The PS4 will continue to power usb in standby, so be sure to turn off or disable usb power in standby in the power saving settings.

Project details are on github: