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Reminiscing about XBConnect

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

What is XBConnect? It was an online gaming service for the original Xbox.  This was before Xbox Live was popular.  XBConnect used the system link mode built into many Xbox games, basically hijacking the network traffic and rerouting over the internet.  XBC stayed relevant through the years due to two factors: 1. it was free and 2. it was compatible with the “new” xbox 360 which used the same system link as the original xbox.


XBConnect was a great service for broke college kids who had access to non-dial-up internet.   After writing several help guides, I was invited to be a moderator and eventually an admin of the forums from 2004 – 2014.  You can still find some of the guides I wrote, hosted here:

As of last year, XBConnect went offline for good, and it’s sad.  The downfall started when the software was abandoned by the original author, leaving only a copyrighted closed source to the remaining team to keep the servers running.  They had permission to add new games to the gamelist, but no new features or bug fixes were possible.

What’s left? There are some cool people that still know what XBConnect was on facebook, and run a fan page.

Other than that, is not much.  The website is gone, the servers turned off.  You have to scrounge the internet wayback machine to find any mention of XBC.
XBConnect doesn’t even appear in the english wikipedia, here is a finnish one:


Final forum post count: 5,298

Let’s talk about luck

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Luck can be quantified. Each person has a set max amount of luck they can carry with them, and a set flow rate that their luck is replenished.

A person throughout the day uses there luck all the time, without even realizing it.  Each time you take a risk, big or small, you use a portion of your luck reserves. Here is where people run into problems. Using too much luck creates a luck deficit, this is the cause of bad luck. A person who presses their luck all the time with a risky lifestyle will find themselves out of luck when they really need it.

Don’t worry too much about you’re own luck deficit. The important thing to remember is too be aware of events in your life and how much luck you are using to accomplish your goals. If you use a lot of luck in any given day, lay your head down low for for awhile. Don’t take any additional risks. Depending on how much luck you used, your luck will be replenished in a few days or weeks.

Another important aspect is that luck can overlap between people and even be shared. This happens because the two people are close emotionally, or sometimes just physical proximity.  A person in a luck deficit will attempt to replenish their reserves, this happens naturally, but is sometimes not enough and that person becomes a luck black hole to those around them.