OTA: Antenna Class!

Last fall, I taught an over-the-air antenna class at the local library.  I broke down each step of how to receive free TV broadcasts from Madison.  Over 75 miles away !  The first half of the class was a slide show, the second half was the interactive portion. I asked for addresses and we pulled up the reception maps for the attendees to discuss real world reception and aiming strategies.

What is the secret to Platteville TV Reception?
• Have a good aiming strategy using tvfool.com and a Sighting Compass
• Choose an appropriate mounting location.
• Route your coax cable through your home’s ground block for static and lightning protection.
• Every step between your antenna to your TV can affect signal quality, reduce where possible!
• Cable Length / Splitters / Connectors

This is the handout that I gave to those who attended my class last fall.

Follow this link for the slideshow presentation for my antenna reception class. Missing is my handwritten notes that accompany this presentation.