Making a mount for the Wyze Doorbell Camera

I need a slightly different mount than the default plate included with my smart doorbell. Something to conform to the molding around my door and mate with the doorbell itself. 3D printing will do the job well.

To make a 3D print that perfectly mates with something requires specific measurements. Typically, you need the item in hand and you measure with a digital caliper and then gives those dimensions to your CAD drawing. The Wyze Doorbell Camera is a already a great product from a great company, but it doesn’t ship for 3 months.

Time to do a little reverse engineering and create a configurable SCAD script. I can create a mating adapter and use some rough measurements now to be filled in with the actual measurements later.

To get the rough measurements, we just do some basic math based on the photos provided. I see a rectangle and four circles, plus four clip hooks.

Wyze provided the external dimensions, so we just have to count the pixels and can reverse engineer the other dimensions and placements. Photo shows finding of the edge radius.