Cortana Data Chip and Display Stand

I get asked to make more cortana chips from time to time, but the partnership that allowed me sell resin casted props is long over. I have been wanting to redesign as a display piece using a more modern neopixel lighting for the animations.

Old project thread:

Kits for sale:


  • No battery, the base is powered by a usb cable
  • The base houses the electronics, the data chip only contains the USB connector and neopixel.
  • Make closer to actual size. The previous ones were around 200% to make easier to handle by gloved hands while cosplaying.

Part List:

3D Print:

The Cortana Data Chip’s 3D model was designed by Dylan Powell. I modified the Halo Cortana Chip to fit the neopixel jewel and usb plug. Model is prescaled to 125%. Download:

I printed the Data Chip with 0.20 layer height as a color change job at 2.80mm. Dark grey and then Silver.

I modeled the base to look similar to Master Chief‘s helmet AI chip port. Houses the trinket, button, and usb. No download yet. Email

Assembly and Wiring:

  • Trinket #0 to Neopixel Data In
  • Trinket #1 to Button LED
  • Trinket #2 to Button Switch


The code was based on an adafruit example for the trinket. I wrote about 10 animations, inspired by my previous energy sword builds.