Business Cards and Email Address

So, you wanted to contact me for a commision, rental, or just to chat. You dutifully entered the email address from my business card and then BOUNCE, no such address??

Whoops. I made a mistake. When I created back in 2018 as a portfolio landing page, I also created an associated account and updated my business cards to match. Setup email forwarding to my primary inbox, etc.

A year later, I received a security alert that google deleted that new account. I assume for inactivity. Doh. Weirdly, I can still send email from that account, but any replies are bounced and unreceived. Whomp whomp.

The real tragedy is my business cards. Awe shucks, I forgot to update them. Then I re-ordered more cards with an updated link to my webstore… but again with the wrong email. Whoops times two.

Ok. Time to move on.

Here is a list of my current email accounts for contacts.

  • Personal:
  • Forums:
  • Website:
  • Lasertag:
  • Webstore:

I am using aliases instead of multiple gmail accounts, which should keep me safe from inactivity deletion.