• Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV?

    I think the Amazon Fire TV will replace my current recommendation for the Roku TV as my favorite “Over The Air” receiver. Just like the Roku TV, the Fire TV will have the ability to pause and rewind live TV. However, Fire TV adds the ability to pull up a TV Guide. A feature I sorely miss from my cable days and I supplement with a TV Guide app on my phone. You can checkout the features here:Fire 55 inch TV: http://amzn.to/2xKWMtwRoku 55 inch TV: http://amzn.to/2xtrrLb

  • Ammo Counters – Researching Competition to Push a New Generation

    I have been selling ammo counters since 2009. After I made my energy sword, ammo counters were the most requested kit. Over the years, I have probably sold 200-300 kits. Back then, I easily beat out the lame old competition. However, sales dried up last year. I was busy with my EMF and NES projects so I didn’t look into it. Today, I searched around for new competition. Oh man. Things have changed. I think I still got them beat on size and price, but I need to work on my offerings to stay competitive. Old competition Hyperdyne: PR Counter Unit Bare bones / High Price. Can be made to fit…

  • MiniNES – Non-NFC Guide

    Here is a step by step guide for non nfc builders.http://www.westaby.net/nespi/assembly2.html Thanks to Evan and his original work..https://www.facebook.com/groups/miniNESbuilders/permalink/489956341190644/

  • MiniNES: Projector

    I found an $50 micro projector on ebay that has a USB power output. The 480 resolution is plenty for all the game systems!  Fits perfectly below the MiniNES case! I do get undervoltage warnings, but I should be fine as long as I have a clone image to use when my SD card goes corrupt.  Here is the link if anyone wants to take a chance on a “untested” “might be broken” “sold as-is” “no power cable included” projectorhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/332073234702

  • Mini NES Build w/ Functioning Cartridge Loader

    This is a summary post about my Mini NES build.  This project is a derivative of the original efforts of DaftMike.  I used his 3D print files and basic source code, then reverse engineered the circuit from his Electronics Kit that allows the Raspberry Pi to talk to a NFC reader and an Arduino to control power.  Improving on the design with added features such as Fan Control and NFC Writing.  While also fixing bugs including lost Controller Configuration, Bad Power, and allowing  Out of Order Assembly. If you are interested in making one of these, you can checkout my build instructions here: Complete Guide: How to make a Mini NES~!

  • MiniNES Progress Update

    Progress update on my rev2 boards. Returned from holiday and am picking up this project again. New boards fix all issues found on rev1 boards (see previous post and sale for those). I am not taking sales yet. However, I can say that my kit will require soldering (difficulty=easy) and include the following: the PCBs pictured, switches, LED, USB jack. Not included: wire, solder, raspberry pi, arduino pro micro, fan, and NFC. Features: This is a daftmike clone. Has identical features such as NFC, usb extender, fan control, and multicolor status LED.

  • MiniNES: NFC Wiring Diagram

    This wiring guide matches the .ino arduino code titled “NESPi NDEF Reader/Power Controlller v0.1 [mike.g|jun2016]” and python code titled “NESPi Cart Reader v0.1 by mike.g”. Be sure to test the rPi power circuit with a multimeter after assembling before wiring into your rPi. Note 1: This schematic is a draft, see comments for latest revision.Note 2: The MOSFET part numbers listed are for surface mount kind, you can substitute with most any through hole package that supports 5 volts or more.Note 3: This wiring diagram will become outdated if and when Mike posts updated arduino code.

  • Cord Cutters and Data Caps

    As people stream more video you may run into Data Caps. The average Platteville resident with CenturyLink internet has a 250GB Data Cap. Note: There are no Data Caps for the 1Gbs service. Some rough numbers from Netflix and SlingTV put HD streaming at 750MB/hour and SD streaming at about 400MB/hour. If you only watch HD streams, you would hit 80% of your 300GB monthly data cap after 63 hours/week. Not too shabby. What about UHD 4K streams? Netflix estimates those at 4-8GB/hour. If you only watch 4K streams, you would hit 80% of your 300GB monthly data cap after a mere 5-12 hours/week. Yikes ! http://www.centurylink.com/aboutus/legal/internet-service-disclosure.html

  • OTA: Metal Monster

    Source: https://www.antennasdirect.com/store/91XG-Ultra-Long-Range-DTV-Antenna.html Have you seen antennas that look like this around Platteville? You will usually see them on 30 foot towers. This is a long range UHF and VHF combination antenna. Those antennas are expensive to have installed (the tower is the bulk of the cost). The height rule for VHF reception is 8 feet above your neighbor’s home OR 32 feet above ground. Meaning that a tower is normally required to get the needed clearance. But did you know that Platteville receives no VHF channels?? All that height is overkill for the shorter waveform UHF reception. For reception of Madison TV channels in Platteville, you need a good UHF only…