• Idea: Answering Tricky questions with Amazon Mechanical Turk

    I know that the Echo gets the bulk of its responses from Alexa, but I think amazon is missing an opportunity with their own mturk service. Each time Echo responds with “sorry”, the transcript of that command is already flagged for staff review. If enough people ask for anything, the appropriate response will eventually be available for Echo. However, what if Amazon could create new responses to tricky questions in less than a day? Using Amazon’s own Mechanical Turk service, Amazon can reduce the threshold for human review. Overall decreasing the turnaround for creating better responses from weeks down to hours or even minutes! For the uninitiated, Mechanical Turk is…

  • Volume Control for a Android Head Unit

    I gave myself a birthday gift earlier this year.  Upgrading my truck’s cd/tape deck with something more modern.   I installed an Android Head Unit.  For less than $200 and a weekend of work, I gave my 2005 truck modern features such as bluetooth, reverse camera, gps navigation, and mpg gauges. ATOTO 7″HD Touchscreen 2Din Android Car Stereo ATOTO License Plate Rear View Camera ATOTO Bluetooth OBDII Tool I have had the android head unit installed a few month now and am still really impressed.  The head unit’s speaker amplifier is a huge upgrade from what I had for sound quality before.  The radio receives stations for longer distances.  I use…

  • Mark 3 Ammo Counter

    Nerf, Paintball, Prop Weapons. This is the ammo counter you want~! The Ammo Counter MK3 is a remix of my previous ammo counter design and is now completely reprogrammable by you with no additional tools! There are 10 clip slots in memory, you can easily switch magazine sizes with a single button press. In addition, each clip slot can be reprogrammed by you for any starting value up to 99. Each slot will remember your selected fire mode, semi-auto, full-auto, and count up.Video tutorial: Coming Soon!Features:* Smallest Ammo Counter Circuit!* Selectable Clip Sizes* Programmable Clip Sizes (Default: 35, 25, 22, 18, 15, 12, 10, 6, 32, 99)* Programmable Fire Types…

  • Ammo Counter 2017 – New Design

    This is a small preview of the new ammo counter design I am working on.  There are two buttons on the face of the circuit that will allow you to select from preset modes, or add your own!  No more hardcoded starting count values!! More info to follow… The finished circuit will be about the same size as my previous ammo counters.

  • OTA Antenna FAQs

    Here are some Frequently asked questions I get about TV Antennas in my town: What is the best antenna? Can I go bigger? Can I pick up channels from both Madison and Cedar Rapids? What is the best antenna? The best antenna is the one that fits your budget. Here is my handout I give folks who ask. I have it broken into three budgets. < $50 / $120 / $200 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x113jqeepDhK4VtcKPQecNvcxV7hLQJXG0ZTiL3sqp0 Can I go bigger? Short answer, no. Long answer, it depends but probably is not worth it. You can explore this page which describes running multiple DB8 antennas. Midway down the page you will find “Why this 16-bay…

  • [theory] How does a boost converter behave when it receives input voltage above the target output voltage?

    What is the boost converter doing when it receives input voltage above the target output voltage? I have a homemade TV remote that I designed with a NCP1402 boost converter so I could power with a single AA and have a 3.3V board voltage. Worked fine in testing, but I wanted more range. So I swapped out the standard 1.5 volt alkaline AA for a 3.7 volt 14500 Li-Ion. The board components can handle the extra voltage. Not worried there. I was curious what the boost converter thinks about the situation. Example schematic: Datasheet: https://www.onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/NCP1402-D.PDF My observations and theory: When I input 3.7 volts and probe the boost converter’s normally…

  • OTA Channel List – Aug 2017

    I did a scan tonight and found FIVE new channels I wasn’t aware of. If you have an antenna, do a channel scan on your tv to find the new channels. ION, 24/7 PBS Kids, TBD TV, American Sports Network, and QVC. Here is an updated list of stations from Madison that we can receive in Platteville~! All primary channels are broadcast in 1080i or 720p HD, with the exception of CW, all subchannels are 480i. 3.1 CBS channel3000.com3.2 MyN mynetworktv.com3.3 ION iontelevision.com15.1 NBC nbc15.com15.2 CW cwtv.com15.3 Antenna TV antennatv.tv15.4 Weather weathernationtv.com21.1 PBS wpt.org21.2 Wisconsin wpt.org/wisconsinchannel21.3 Create createtv.com21.4 PBS Kids pbskids.org27.1 ABC wkow.com27.2 Me-TV metvnetwork.com27.3 Decades decades.com40.1 Christian kfxb.net47.1 FOX fox47.com47.2 Comet comettv.com47.3 Charge watchcharge.com47.4 TBD tbd.com57.1 Independent wi57.tv57.2 Movies! moviestvnetwork.com57.3 H&I handitvnetwork.com57.4 ASN americansportsnet.com57.5 QVC qvc.com

  • DaftMike Clone DIY Electronics Kit

    This has been a long time coming! ANNOUNCING AVAILABILITY of a DaftMike Clone DIY Electronics Kit !!!! If you already have a 3D printed case, raspberry pi, arduino, NFC reader, and all you are missing is something to tie them all together. This kit is for you!! I can answer questions here, by PM, or email thatdecade@gmail.com Special thanks to Joshua Kane, Jared Kirchgatter, Jason Victoria, Dave Hicks, Ruud Lok, Jeff Moore, and everyone else who helped me debug the design! This kit fixes several issues with the DaftMike’s original design: broken mosfets, non working controllers, and other assembly difficulties. Assembly Guide is here:http://www.westaby.net/nespi/arduino_electonics_assembly.html

  • Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV?

    I think the Amazon Fire TV will replace my current recommendation for the Roku TV as my favorite “Over The Air” receiver. Just like the Roku TV, the Fire TV will have the ability to pause and rewind live TV. However, Fire TV adds the ability to pull up a TV Guide. A feature I sorely miss from my cable days and I supplement with a TV Guide app on my phone. You can checkout the features here:Fire 55 inch TV: http://amzn.to/2xKWMtwRoku 55 inch TV: http://amzn.to/2xtrrLb

  • Ammo Counters – Researching Competition to Push a New Generation

    I have been selling ammo counters since 2009. After I made my energy sword, ammo counters were the most requested kit. Over the years, I have probably sold 200-300 kits. Back then, I easily beat out the lame old competition. However, sales dried up last year. I was busy with my EMF and NES projects so I didn’t look into it. Today, I searched around for new competition. Oh man. Things have changed. I think I still got them beat on size and price, but I need to work on my offerings to stay competitive. Old competition Hyperdyne: PR Counter Unit Bare bones / High Price. Can be made to fit…